Aroeira/ Cuchi lascas, palanques e palanquinhos

Aroeira Astronium Urundeuva


Aroeira also known as Aroeira, Bolivian Redwood, Cuchi, Urundel, Urundey mi, Aroeira do Sertao is a very hard and durable hardwood.


Urundel / chuchi wood, astronium urundeuva hardwood flooring:

On the internet you can see this wood is known as some fine hardwood flooring at the better flooring suppliers such as:







Please note that Hardydeck SRL sells its floorings always as prefinished flooring, which means that you are able to re-sanded and re-finished your hardwood flooring as many times over and over offering the customer a hardwood floor that will last generations. See here for more on flooring such as sizes, export packaging and conditions




Estamos vendendo no momento lascas, palanques e palanquinhos a Caceres, MT, Brasil com os siguentes medidas;


Lascas de Madeira aroeira

15 cm de diametro

220cm de comprimento


palanques e palanquinhos:

280 metros de comprimento

300 metros

320 metros

350 metros

390 metros

420 metros

450 metros

500 metros


nos vendemos lascas, e se quiser num trailer com lascas e palancas juntos, todo com documentacao legalizada, nota fiscal, importacao e todo.


venda de lascas e palanques de madeira aroeira


Technical details cuchi wood on physical and mechanical properties;


Density at 12% moisture content

1220 kg/ m3

Radial Shrinkage


Tangential Shrinkage


Tangential/ Radial Shrinkage ratio


Static Bending

1355 kg/ cm2

Compression parallel to grain

740 kg/ cm2

Lateral hardness (Janka)

1440 kg






Clientes do Brasil mande seu mail para

cuchi hardwood flooring

Urundel / chuchi wood, astronium urundeuva hardwood flooring

estoque de lascas de 220cm de comprimpento

lascas de madeira aroeira

lascas de madeira aroeira

aroeira lascas palanquinhos

aroeira lascas e palanquinhos se compra no Hardydeck SRL


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Hardydeck chuchi wood, Bolivian Redwood, Urundel astronium urundeuva hardwood flooring

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