ipe Brazilian Walnut hardwood solid timber flooring and parquet

S4S, S2S KD ipe Brazilian Walnut solid hardwood flooring




As a mill located in the heart of the Amazon forest, we produce mainly decking. All the shorts we select, classify and process into flooring with the following sizes:


thick 3/4" x wide 2 1/4", 3", 4" and 5" x long 1' 7'


All is massif ipe lapacho solid semi finished flooring. semi finished ipe flooring means that after installation the installer needs to sand the floor and apply some kind of varnish.


Ipe hardwood flooring in two possible options:

LCL: less then full container load is only possible in Antwerp, Belgium. Pallets are around 100m and within the same pallet the flooring is conveniently packed in small bundles facilitating the installer taking the packs of ipe flooring up the stairs, into the elevator and move into different places without needing a forklift truck. See the picture on the lift details on packaging. Inside each pallet there are different lengths of ipe flooring so with just one pallet of massif parquet the installer is able to start his work, instead of the need to open various different pallets. We are able to ship single pallets to most parts of Germany. Questions on other countries, pricing and available stock please send us an email!


FCL: the other (cheaper) possibility is to order a full container load (aprox. 1100m / 11,000Sqft of hardwood flooring) and then we can ship it into any port. Your price will then be FOB. We arrange the shipping co. if you are not familiar with this process. Please send us an email! The great advantage in buying ipe flooring from Hardydeck is that the color of the IPE is uniform.


Also check on our massaranduba brazilian redwood and tigerwood hardwood flooring!





Pre molded strips are available in the following sizes:

S2S: 22 x 110/140 x 650/800/950-1850

S4S: 19 x 100/130 x 600/750/900-1800

We also have rough sawn on sale, without any pre molding.


Standard lengths: 70% 900 long and 1/3 110 wide and 2/3 140 wide.

Ask for any other size; we are a mill and are able to cut any desirable size!


The main species are IPE, massaranduba, brazilian redwood and TIGERWOOD

Shipment is direct to Shanghai from Chile with a very short transit time.

semi finished ipe hardwood timber flooring

semi finished ipe hardwood timber flooring

ipe hardwood flooring packaging

ipe hardwood flooring packaging aprox 100m

S4S premolded brazilian redwood flooring strips

S4S premolded brazilian redwood flooring strips

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uniform ipe massif parquet

outdoor ipe flooring

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