CAMO hidden Fastener system

installation of your ipe decking with a hidden fastener system





Ipe decking

Tabebuia spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m˛:

€51.90 (incl VAT)

why is it so cheap





Tigerwood decking

Astronium spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m˛:

€38.70 (incl VAT)

why is it so cheap



CAMO Hidden Fastener System - Made by National Nail Company.

Hardydeck SRL recommends this system as one of the better, overall it is cheaper then the other deck installation type of systems and this is important especially if you're a contractor. All you need are the jigs and additionally the bits and the screws, making it a very cost effective deck installation system. Available are jigs that cover both 6" and 4" boards. The jigs are very useful because they provide automatic spacing, so we recommend you to buy at least two sets (or more if you are a contractor with an install crew). The CAMO system comes with 3/16" stainless steel screws so they are suitable anywhere, even on the coast. However, these screws are relatively more expensive compared to other stainless steel screws, but the CAMO screws are cheaper compared to alternate hidden fasteners methods. 


The CAMO system we also like because this system puts two screws into each joist (compared to one screw for ipe clip systems) providing much more stability. we furthermore believe that it is a quicker install, especially when you get the hang of it. Anyhow, you still have to pre-drill Ipe hardwood as well as other species such as massaranduba and tigerwood but the guides on the jig guides you making it an easy job. Using the CAMO system, the screw is doing all the work. The screw is set in the CAMO system automatically just under the shoulder of the wood, similar to a pocket screw in a way that if you were looking over the top, you will not be able to see the screw. This is why the CAMO system is called ‘hidden’. However, if you look at an angle, you will be able to see but just a low profile. And if you need to move out a board, it easyly is removed for placing a new board in its place with no compromising neither the look of the deck nor your whole day work.


Kreg jig

Additionally, there also exist a Kreg jig and which is a good alternate for this hidden method, and especially if you lay your boards on the diagonal. The Kreg jig is not a closed system as the CAMO system is, so you will be able to use any kind of screw with it. The Kreg jig also requires a pre-drilling bit which has a depth stop collar. The Kreg jig itself is flimsier and harder to work with, but we still prefer working with this system over a clip system.


Illustrating CAMO marksman pro review for fastening hidden decking


camo pro hidden deck fastener

metal hideaway hidden deck fasteners

metal hideaway hidden deck fasteners

camo hidden fastener

camo hidden fastener

plastic hidden deck fastener

plastic hidden deck fastener

fastening deck with camo marksman pro

fastening deck with camo marksman pro


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