comparison on price between Ipe hardwood decking and composite decking

Composite decking – is composite WPC deck really a cheap and a good priced exterior decking?


What to choose, ipe decking or composite decking?


Composite decking is also called WPC decking or just plastic decking. They use the word composite to describe the coupling or mixing between Vinyl with Wood. It offers a strong but flexible product without as much temperature growth over time. However, the “pulp” wood they use is made up of fiber (small wood particles) that is of species not known for outdoor durability such as pine, spruce and bark from these trees. It’s basically the wood left over that isn’t good enough to use to make paper. Some arguments are that composite decking is more eco friendly and that composite decking is maintenance free and that composite decking is cheaper. First we talk about ipe decking and then we make the comparison between Ipe hardwood decking and composite decking.


Ipe decking wood is:


-    Five times harder than pressure treated yellow southern pine

-    Ipe decking carries the highest rating against rot and insects (termites).

-    Ipe deck wood exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for slip resistance when wet.

-    Ipe solid hardwood dek wood carries the highest rating for fire resistance.

-    Ipe deck wood is so durable that, left untreated, it will last over 40 years, and up to 100 years if deck oil is applied.

-    Ipe hardwood decks typically have a deep, rich brown luster with some pieces displaying a golden hue giving the wood beauty and character.


Price comparison between Ipe hardwood decking and composite decking


Brazilian ipe hardwood decking comes in the United States as low as $1,90 per linear foot. If you wish to import yourself we from Hardydeck, ipe hardwood mill located in Bolivia, are able to sell for as little as $ 1700 per m³ or less. Instead, composite decking comes at a wide variety of prices, sensitive to the price of oil (Price: $300 to $700 per 100 square feet*).


We know (at the time of writing December 2011) what is happening with the price of oil. In fact, at this time, a lot of products that depend on petroleum based plastics, such as composite decking, actually cost more now than hardwood decking like ipe. Then we can also include the lifespan of the decking into the equation: ipe decking lasts from 40 and up to 100 years while composite decking most is guaranteed for 10 years. While installation costs is 50% of your total decking costs, it is easy to conclude the ipe decking is much cheaper then any composite decking.


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