Cumaru decking vs Ipe hardwood deck

Cumaru decking and hardwood flooring compared


Hardwood specie



Bending Strength

Modulus of elasticity

Modulus of Rupture



Very durable

30 plus years

62 69 lbs






Very durable

25 plus years

61 66 lbs






Very durable

25 plus years

59 62 lbs






Moderately durable

10 - 15 years

48 52 lbs





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Cumaru, with the botanical name Dipteryx odorata and also called Brazilian Teak and Willd FABACEAE, worldwide with names as Cumaru, Cumaru-Verdadeiro, Faux Gaiac (French Guyana) Cambaru, Camaru-Ferro, Cambaru-Ferro, Cumaru-Escuro, Cumaru-Amarelo, Cumaru-da-Folha-Grande Cumaru-Ferro, Ebo (Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras)Cumaru-Rosa, Cumaru-Roxo, Champagne, Cumbari, Cumbaru-Ferro, Muirapage, Tonka (Guyana), Charapilla (Peru), Sarrapia (Venezuela, Colombia),


Cumaru hardwood decking

Cumaru decking is an exotic hardwood decking with its high density which is more or less identical in its physical properties and appearance and to the other hardwood called Ipe (Brazilian Walnut). Both cumaru wood and Ipe decking have beautiful rich brown coloration and grain variations. The grain of ipe wood is finer, instead the grain of the cumaru wood more coarse. Both ipe wood and cumaru decking are high density hardwood deckings and both wood species are off the charts in respect of density, bending strength, hardness, density and most of it all durability. No North American wood species come even close to cumaru and Ipe decking in respect of hardness or strength standpoint.


Brazilian Teak vs Brazilian Walnut

Ipe decking comes in a variety in color from darker olive brown to lighter browns and chocolaty browns. The color and the finer woodgraining of Ipe decking is the reason why Ipe is sometimes called or known as "Brazilian Walnut". Cumaru decking varies in color from reddish brown to yellowish brown often within the same piece of decking wood. The striping and the coarser graining of Cumaru wood explains why Cumaru is also known as "Brazilian Teak". Each species (both cumaru and Ipe) show the rich exotic wood grain owned by these tropical hardwood decking species.


Besides the differences in graining and the color variation of cumaru decking and ipe decks are very much de same. Both cumaru and Ipe decking have a Class A fire rating making either deck specie suitable for a deck near a fireplace or firepit. The unbelievable hardness of both cumaru and Ipe decking make them a great choice for a heavy traffic and scratch resistant deck on which active children and pets are running around. The high durability of both cumaru deck and Ipe decking assure that your high density hardwood deck will last for many many years.


In essence Cumaru deckings are:


-   More reliable than Bamboo decks or Redwood

-   Resistance to decay and mold naturally with no need to use chemicals

-   cheaper deck in price and to install than composite decking

-   Easy in maintainenance thru periodic cleaning of your beautiful deck


So comparing the two species, Cumaru is in theory cheaper then Ipe decking. If you are concerned about the long term overall return on your decking investment, either Cumaru decking or Ipe decking each are considered the lowest cost of all decking material options in "life cycle cost" comparisons. However, as said also with the garapa decking compared to ipe decking, cumaru is best to be dried, either air dried or artificially, due to the significant risk of cupping and warping. Due to this drying, price is then relatively higher in respect of final quality. See furthermore also our discussion on the existence of raisins, on which is the best hardwood to choose from, the conclusion is clear that with no doubt ipe decking is your best choice especially on the long term.



If you are a professional buyer, agent or importer and your main focus is on how to buy cheap ipe wood, check this website that outlines all aspects on cost price and therefore the sales price op ipe hardwood.

cumaru decking

cumaru decking

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installed cumaru decking

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