Tips on ipe deck maintenance

Tips on how to apply you deckstain, how to finish and NOT to paint your deck





Ipe decking

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Tips on how to apply your deckstain.

Assure yourself from the specific deck deckstain or sealer for recommendations on usage. Colorized deckstains will generally call for a drying period for the wood before applying the sealer. A few clear stains and clear sealers do darken your wood deck. Semi-transparent stains add color to your wood.


If you use several different cans of the same stain it's a good idea to intermix these different cans. This intermixing prevent any observable differences between the different cans of stain. Apply 1/2 gallon while mixing the other 1/2 of the next gallon with the one you are using. Always examine a trial of the (mixed) product in an unnoticeable area of the deck and let it dry to find out the eventual color.


How to finish you deck

Using a deck finish is just like painting. First, one should use a drop cloth. Then some rags and disposable surgeon gloves. Also do not forget to use old clothes. If you try to remove an oil based stain from your clothes is pretty hard.


Once applying a deck sealer to your boards, use a lint free 1/2 inch nap roller with a tray liner. Once the sealer has been applied with the roller, make use of a lambs wool to disperse the sealer equally. Then allow it for 15 minutes to stand mop up any product surplus with the lint free mop or rag.


Hardydeck does not recommend to use a pump sprayer for applying the sealers. The pump sprayers happen to get clogged and most of the sealers that are on sale have to be diluted to work adequately. Also, the over spraying a deck finish make more harm then do good.


Hardydeck recommends not to over apply the product

Most deck finishing products recommend not to use more than one coating. More than one application makes the saturated and an extra sealer will subsequently not penetrate the wood so the finish will dry into a film and starts to peel. Generally just one coating is required or maybe a wet on wet coating in which the second coating is applied while the first coating is still wet. It is very necessary to wipe this second coating at once. The instructions on the can of deck finish in general suggest the best ways to apply the deck finish.


So do not ever apply a second finish after the first finish is dry. The pores of the wood are filled with the dried finish from the first coat and then the second coat will not be able to penetrate. This makes the second coating susceptible to peeling


Painting your deck

This is the greatest misunderstanding altogether. Too often homeowners think to paint their deck is a wise idea. Instead, homeowners who paint their wood deck are asking for trouble. Foot traffic abrades it and the sun bakes it . More important to understand is that paint is a film that sticks to the surface the deck wood. Later, when rainwater is under the film, the paint starts to blister and peel off. On the market there is also some solid color stain for decks, but experts consider these as thinned paints. Although these color stain may not peel as easily as normal paint, they show scuff marks and do peel. A wood deck never should be painted unless it's already coated that cannot be penetrated. Clear deck finishes and semi-transparent stains do not peel so these types of stains are the best option when you finish a deck.


paint peeling off from your bad painted deck due to wet decking boards



cleaning deck pressure hose

cleaning your deck with a pressure hose

grayed unstained stained deck

grayed unstained deck and stained deck



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Hardydeck Tips on how to finish, how to apply you deckstain, and NOT to paint your deck

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