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Leveling your deck using pre fab footings and fixing the joists





Ipe decking

Tabebuia spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m:

51.90 (incl VAT)

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Tigerwood decking

Astronium spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m:

38.70 (incl VAT)

why is it so cheap



corner garden make deck

The idyllic little seat in the back corner of the garden is sheltered and offers a beautiful view. But the floor is uneven and muddy after a brief rain. What we decide to do is with a wooden deck this muddy situation changes radically! Therefore, the decision has been made to create a wood deck to clear out differences in heights. The framework was decided to use local larch wood. A special highlight of the wooden terrace is that the rear floorboards can be folded and then enter back out of its hideout. In the following pages we show you how to create such decking patios like these and give you the instructions step by step.


Deck footings and foundations

We use concrete footings sized 250 x 500 mm as a support for the framework for the deck. Five 500 mm high concrete deck footings will act as single supports at the back. Distances between the footing are 200 cm and should not be exceeded.


Framing and spacing of the wood deck

Two hardwood girders (45 x 145 mm) that are in alignment with the concreted footings serve as the supports for the eight longitudinal joists (45 x 90 mm) made of Douglas fir. The cross members are connected by hexagonal wood screws with the L-pole straps, the stringers using metal brackets and stainless steel screws to the cross joists. The deck in total has a slight angle of 1-2% for the drainage of rainwater and so there will be no water logging.


Wood decking boards

The owner has chosen for Larch wood for its deck wood. Like with Douglas fir, it is easy to work well, but should be pre-drilled. The same that applies to the hardwood ipe, bankirai, massaraduba etc. A finish with an open-pore wood varnish or oil protects the material, which increases its lifespan and ensures that the warm wood tone is maintained.


If you are not familiar with the terms and words used, please visit our deck glossary

installing front ledgerframework deckdeck frame angle

Parallel with the rear view, the front ledger is installed.


The framework for the deck frame is put into place provisionally.

Check using an angle, whether the deck frame is exactly perpendicular.

frame timbers alignedsubstructure levelledledger deck footings

The frame timbers Douglas fir (45 x 94 mm) are vertically aligned and fixed with some small sticks.

Use the spirit level to check that the timber substructure levelled.

Parallel to the front ledger five footings are placed.

support substructure timbersinstall deck supportconcrete deck footings

To determine the exact position of the L-post support for the substructure timbers, higher or lower its height if necessary with scrap wood.

Install the support with concrete fix.

Harden the concrete overnight. Do the same for all the concrete footings.

wooden ledger horizontalpre fab concrete footingspaving slabs

Make a preliminary check on the framework, by placing the wooden ledger horizontally but do not yet fix it to the it place for later possible adjustments.

The pre fab concrete footings with the L-cemented joist carriers have a maximum distance of 200 cm: On this photo we can see clearly how great the level differences in the garden!

Edgewise paving slabs are (250 x 500 mm) placed as a strip footing and as a support in the front of the decking area since the area is not leveled and declines towards the fence.



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Hardydeck Leveling your deck using pre fab footings and fixing the joists

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