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Ipe decking

Tabebuia spp

Size 21 x 140mm

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Tigerwood decking

Astronium spp

Size 21 x 140mm

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If you don’t want to clean and stain your deck each and every year

You look out the window and there it is. That extension of your home that has been in a love hate battle with you for years. Every spring you spend a few weekends on your wood deck trying to restore its beauty into something you and your family enjoy. When its finished, you step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Come the following spring, there it sits. The beast that once again demands your attention. Every year the deck cleaning and staining can become cumbersome. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. You can make deck stain last much longer by using quality products to clean  and seal it.


Like any good finish, the final deck finish results depend upon the prep work you do first.

An interior paint job looks good when you first clean the walls, sand the imperfections, apply the primer and use a high quality paint. The same process holds true for deck refinishing. The key is to use the right deck cleaner first. Most products on the market contain bleach. Bleach damages lignin causing the wood to age prematurely. The best prep involves using a two step deck cleaning process. The first step should be to use a sodium percarbonate based product. This will rid the wood of mold, dirt and grayed out fibers. The second step is equally important. This step involves the use of an acidic cleaner to pH balance the deck. This second step helps open the pores of the wood and allows deck stains and sealers to “grab hold” for longer lasting durability. There is a product called Restore-A-Deck that comes in a kit with both of these steps. The nicest part about using a specialty deck cleaning kit like this one is that you can get away with just a light scrubbing instead of having to pressure wash the deck and risk damage. That’s not to say you cannot or shouldn’t pressure wash a deck, you just have to know what you are doing and educate yourself on technique.


Use a specialized contractor for pressure washing your deck

A true cleaning contractor specializes in exterior cleaning and sealing. Owning a pressure washer does not make one a professional any more than a person that owns a hammer and table saw can automatically be called a carpenter. The pressure washer is a single tool in the arsenal of a pressure washing company.


Because every surface requires unique cleaners and technique, pressure washing companies must be equipped with tools like surface cleaners, various orifice nozzles and have a host of experience to determine the proper course of cleaning without causing damage. Specialty cleaning and restoration can require the use of dangerous acids and highly caustic chemicals. A company truly dedicated to cleaning exterior surfaces will carry a large amount of liability insurance and be trained in OSHA safety techniques. There is absolutely a difference between serious, full time cleaning companies and the handyman that uses a pressure washer.


stripping paint from deck with a high pressure hose

cleaning wood deck pressure hose

cleaning wood deck with a pressure hose

deck cleaning removing paint mold stains

deck cleaning removing paint, mold and stains



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