EU FLEGT Action Plan

What is EU FLEGT Action Plan; proof of legal wood origin


Why buying your hardwood from Hardydeck SRL is a safe choice in respect of comply to the new regulations as set by the EU FLEGT Action Plan


-         Hardydeck SRL is a sole chain in your supply chain so easy  access to legal origin of your wood


-         please remind: FSC is not considered valid proof of legality under the EU Timber Regulation; see below


-         What you need to do: due diligence. Hardydeck SRL gives you all your legal documentation you need.


From 3 March 2013, the EU Timber Regulation will forbid illegally produced wood products in the EU market. This EU Timber Regulation is not forbidding or blocking importing timber products but EU importers are forbidden from importing illegally harvested timber on the EU market and this is enforced under due diligence to assure that their timber imports are not illegal, and that the importers are obliged to require documentation and information from their suppliers assuring the wood’s legality. See here for the full EU Timber Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010


Both FSC and PEFC are not considered to be valid proof of legality under the EU Timber Regulation

Both the the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are not conceived to be valid proof of legality under the EU Timber Regulation. The valid proof of legality is a FLEGT-licensed timber that comes from a country that has a (VPA) Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU and whose timber legality has been declared functional and valid is deemed legal.


due diligence

So what does the importer need to do? If an importer exerces under due diligence it means that one of its timber sources constitutes a ‘non-negligible’ risk; the operator has to apply risk extenuation measures. Measures to extenuate the risk can range from changing the supply source to requiring additional certification, documentation and information against a third party certification or verification standard which complies with the local legislation in effect in the harvest country and in accordance to the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation.


In order to comply with these demands, the importer's due diligence must contain the following three elements inherent to its legal wood - risk management:


-         access to information

-         risk assessment

-         extenuation of the risk identified


The determination of whether to project an own due diligence system, to get an exporter susch as Hardydeck SRL to implement a monitoring system depends upon the importer itself, depending upon its own resources, capacity and knowledge. The EU Timber Regulation doesn't dictate an plan of attack. The amount of effort required to build such a monitoring system depends on the complexity of the supply chain and of the importer's mode of business. This is the official reading from EU FLEGT.


Why buying legal wood from Hardydeck SRL?

Hardydeck SRL owns its own concessions, manages itself its logging operations, cutting, transporting and exporting. So everything is under one roof and for you, the importer, this means that the supply chain is as simple as possible which enable simple proof of legal timber.


Buying your timber at Hardydeck SRL you will have immediate access to:


-         together with the Bill of Lading, invoice and packing list, also a wood certificate of legal origin, and on-line all underlying documentation of the concession to which your load belongs:

-         on this wood certificate of legal origin there is a number (POAF) which means in Spanish ‘Plan Operativo Aprovechamento Forestal’, in English: concession title.

-         So this POAF number refers to a concession which reflects sustainable forestry. A concession contains 3 elements:


-         Identification of the specific area to assign for a concession

-         Identification of all trees of all species in a defined area (the concession). Please note that each and every tree has its own GPS coordinate (Y & X) and number. See on the left that each tree has its number nailed on the tree itself.

-         A listing of all trees and authorization by the government

-         All these trees are mapped and identified as suitable for cutting or to be maintained (not to be cut)


Then transporting the logs to the mill, the logs being cut, transporting the boards to the mill to the city or port for export, all are with the same wood certificate of legal origin and all documents contain this one and the same concession number.


Therefore: buying from Hardydeck SRL means an abundance of proof of legal origin of your wood, more then sufficient in order to comply to the new regulations as set by the EU FLEGT Action Plan.


We are currently selling ipe, ipe solid flooring, boards, decking and also massaranduba and tigerwood with this system of legal documentation that we will provide along with all your other documents (BL, invoice etc).


concession for legal wood

click to enlarge the area of concession for legal wood

certified ipe tree

each tree has its number nailed on the tree itself


concession identify each tree

click to enlarge the concession to identify each and every tree

concessions for legal wood supply

click to enlarge 3 other concessions for legal wood supply


Further readings:


FAQ: Due diligence, certification and enforcement of the EUTR  (PDF)

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