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Hardwood Flooring


Ipe Brazilian Walnut flooring, sizes, prices and how to buy

Tigerwood hardwood flooring

Massaranduba, Brazilian Redwood flooring

Cuchi, Bolivian Redwood, urundel pre finished hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring photos and close ups



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Massaranduba – Brazilian Redwood


What on sale for massaranduba and Brazilian Redwood; prices and sizes

Technical information on grain, color, shrinkage of massaranduba

Brazilian Redwood compared to other known species such as Jatoba, Ipe, Western Red Cedar and California Redwood

Inside information: production of massaranduba Brazilian Redwood at hardydeck hardwood mill

Beautiful massaranduba decking photos and illustrations

Instructions on how to pack and store your Brazilian Redwood to avoid degrading, graying and stains




Technical details on tigerwood such as color, grain, stability and shrinkage

Tigerwood, availability, sizes and prices

Tigerwood decking photos


Ipe decking compared to other (inferior hardwood species):


Ipe decking compared to cumaru Brazilian Teak decking

Garapa and ipe decking compared

Tigerwood and ipe decking; price and looks

Composite decking compared to ipe decking on price

Composite decking compared to ipe decking on maintenance

Composite decking compared to ipe decking on eco friendliness


Hardydeck – supplying legal and certified hardwood decking and flooring


Your ipe deck is always certified from Hardydeck

Hardydeck and compliance to Forest Law and Governance

Procedures on legal ipe, massaranduba and tiger wood


Prices and sizes of common sawn lumber available at Hardydeck

Sizes available at Hardydeck

Terms and names used in the decking, wood and lumber industry

Hardydeck railway sleepers

Hardydeck retaining walls and civil engineer applications

Hardydeck successful projects realized with beautiful decking and flooring

Huge 19,200sqft/ 2000m2 ipe deck installation project

Small common residential deck installation step by step

Small common residential deck installation and finishing step by step II

Patio ipe deck project in a backyard garden

Upscale rooftop ipe decking project

Special project: delivery decking for free in return for participation in your project!!


Video section


Other hardwoods section

Cuchi, urundel Aroeira lascas e palanques

Hardydeck overview site


Decking Photo galleries

Ipe decking photos, illustrations on decking showing different widths, short lengths (cheaper) and different stains

Tigerwood decking photos

Beautiful massaranduba decking photos and illustrations

Hardwood flooring photos and close ups

Cumaru decking photos

Garapa Brazilian Oak photo gallery

The most spectacular pool deck pictures


Hardydeck newsletter; what’s is changing in the market for the good and the bad

Instructions on how to pack and store your hardwood to avoid degrading, graying and stains


How to section – how to install a hardwood decking, instructions on building, fastening, renovating etc


How to install a wood deck

How to install for easy cleaning

Videos on installing deck

Instructions for renovating your deck

Guideline for building and installing your own deck

Explanation and manual on framing, lay out and leveling your decking

Deck installation illustrated with a dozen of pictures step by step

Deck installation and leveling with the correct slope

Installing wood decking

Step by step illustrations on how to build your deck

Framing and structuring your deck

From deck design to lay-out

All detailed information and illustrations on joists and framing and its spacings

Deck fastening together with the correctly placed joists

Installing deck using the Camo hidden fastener

Installing deck with the ipe clip extreme system


How to section – how to clean and maintain your deck nice and fresh


Explanation on all different kind of deck stains

Ipe decking problems and solutions

Instructions on your ipe decking maintenance

How to clean your deck, stripping, bleaching or just painting?

Ipe deck cleaning with pressure washing

Building and renovating your wood deck

Deck finish and deck sealers

Deck cleaning, brightening, bleaching and stripping

Videos on cleaning and maintenance of your deck


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hardwood deck species

ipe wood stock

diy ipe decking

ipe specification data

decking designs

best deck prices



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Legal hardwood

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