Things to take into account in respect of the storage of massaranduba hardwood

Storage of massaranduba hardwood - weather protected warehouses, stickers, pallet, humidity and straps


Storage massaranduba hardwood decking planks


Massaranduba is very durable and weather resistant. Nevertheless, one should take care of several things with the storage:


Hardwood with Moisture, water stains, graying of wood and algae stains


    If possible, store the wood in weather-protected warehouses (preferably with a constant humidity), because it can lead to water spots, increased wood moisture content, cracking or graying of the wood and algae stains, if the wood is stored unprotected outdoors. If there is no such storage facility, you should cover the Massaranduba pallets with a UV-resistant cover or a particle board or a wood panel, which protects the wood from water and sun damage.


    The wood should be packed equally in the pallets provided with stacking bars, packaged, stored and tied (with steel or plastic band). (The stickers should lie at a distance of not more than 60cm. The stacking strips should be carefully placed one above the other. At the package ends there must be also must stacking strips.)


    The pallets should to be stacked one above the other can also be packed exactly over the pallet supports.


    Anyhow, you should always avoid direct sunlight because this period of storage can lead to drying cracks and any distortion or twisting of the wood.


    Also apart should keep the hardwood lying and not standing up because this causes it to warp.


    Furthermore, the hardwood should be stored as long as possible in the bundled packages and stacked. Only shortly before the processing of hardwood, you should open the pooling to minimize the risk that despite all preventions of all of all the abovementioned storage recommendations the wood will warp in one way or the other.


    It is advisable after opening a pack of massaranduba lumber to repack it again with steel or synthetic straps. Complains of curbed boards are know when stored in loose bundles. There is however no 100% guarantee against the natural working of wood.


Therefore, Hardydeck only supplies massaranduba and tigerwood kiln dried (KD) in order to achieve the elimination of the risk of warping and checking. Instead, ipe can be sold AD (air dried) as well as kiln dried.

decking packed pallets

decking equally packed in pallets

pallets stacked exactly

different sized pallets but stacked exactly over the supports

decking board separated stickers

each decking board separated with stickers allowing airflow


Decking pallets delivered by Hardydeck

Hardydeck delivers your decking wood as displayed on the pictures at the left side above, the following movie shows you an actual shipmet (to Germany) and how pallets are to be unloaded from the container. We are looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions!

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Hardydeck Storage of massaranduba hardwood - stickers, pallet, weather protected warehouses, humidity and re strapping

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