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instructions on building your deck and installing your deck LED build-in lighting





Ipe decking

Tabebuia spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m:

51.90 (incl VAT)

why is it so cheap





Tigerwood decking

Astronium spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m:

38.70 (incl VAT)

why is it so cheap



deck cut jigsawinstallation deck lightingcylinder drill

... and cut with a jigsaw. Thereby fastening the deck board with clamps. It is very important to take into account the distance to the wall!

For the installation of the 3-lighting sets with twelve white LEDs (Osmo, 199 euros) is only an outside socket required. It comes complete with transformer and connection cables.

With a cylinder drill (hole saw attachment) the holes are provided quickly and accurately.

deck light assemblystable mounting wood deckingadditional screwing

Connectors allow for tool-free assembly.

The LED housing has spring loaded clips on the underside: turn back the springs and put it through the hole.

Fold back automatically and ensure stable mounting of the LED light in the wood decking.

Additional screwing is not required and the LED light fits tight to the decking.

support postsplanking spacingipe girder board

A tricky point: the support posts of the balcony. Again, ipe wood, mark and saw out and insert the posts.

The planking is proceeding apace: Gradually increases the ipe wood deck shape.

The final ipe girder board is bolted to the substructure.


The deck of the house is finally finished paneled with wood decking. In principle, tropical woods like ipe have already inherently a good protection from UV light, moisture and pests. However, it does not harm to apply a suitable wood preservative to invest - not least to get the color of the wood.

Please see more on deck finish and coating



If you are not familiar with the terms and words used, please visit our deck glossary




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