Massaranduba – Brazilian Redwood or Bulletwood

Massaranduba pros and cons, price, color, density, warping and features


Massaranduba and Brazilian Redwood features

In short Massaranduba is a very good quality hardwood for a very good price. It is also known as Brazilian Redwood or Bulletwood and it grain is usually straight, fine and little drawing. The quality is that massaranduba is a very durable hardwood, in principle its heartwood. In fact massaranduba heartwood is recognized as class 1. It is found all over South America and is used locally as well as being exported. Massaranduba is suitable for heavy frames, outside staircases, terraces, decking, floors and engineering work.


The color is pink brown to purple brown heartwood (flesh) and the sapwood is light brown. The wood is very strong and hard (this is why it is called “Bulletwood”), yet Massaranduba is surprisingly easy to work for as a heavy wood and despite its density. It machines and finishes to a very smooth surface.


Massaranduba as a decking and outdoor flooring wood

On our other pages we outlined cumaru, garapa deck and composite decking against ipe. In these cases, ipe is far more superior. However, ipe hardwood compared to massaranduba, you may say that massaranduba make a very good alternative to ipe because it is cheaper, very beautiful and distinctive true its deep red color and its high weather and insect resistance.


Downsides of massaranduba Brazilian Redwood

In order to prevent whatever instability of the wood in changing climates, Hardydeck ALWAYS sells massaranduba kiln dried, which means with an average 12% humidity. Indoor flooring goes of course with less humidity (6 – 8%). Suppliers, other then Hardydeck, who sell massaranduba Air Dried (AD) or not dried at all should know that if not kiln dried massaranduba is prone to checking, warp and casehardening. Further downside is that the wood is so hard and dense that pre drilling is an absolute must and the use of adhesives is moderately likely.


Concluding, Hardydeck sells Massaranduba only kiln dried KD. When buying your KD Bulletwood, you have a very good choice on quality and price while ruling out wood working since it is kiln dried. Hardydeck standard decking sizes are thick 19/20 or 21mm x wide 90/120/140 or 145mm wide; US sizes ¾’ x 3,5” or 5,5”; ask for a

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