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instructions on levelling and fastening your deck when you build your own hardwood ipe deck


Ipe decking or deck in Massaranduba wood is a trend:

How to lay the decking yourself with a special feature of integrated lighting in the floor which illuminates the wooden deck for the evenings.


Important for ipe hardwood deckings:

Always use stainless steel screws for protection from corrosion while working with hardwood Ipe decking. Pre-drilling screw holes is an absolute necessity!

positioning joistsjoist spacingdeck basis

To support the deck framework, joists are positioned on 15 x 15 cm concrete footings. These concrete footings lay at a distance

of 40-50 cm (recommended joist spacing) and fixed to a cement bed.

On the basis of the guidelines can be the stones can be sparsed ...

levelling frameworkfixing fastening pre-drilleddeck fastening

... and leveled thru the framework the height of the entire deck. Please remind to consider two percent slope to the garden for drainage.


Most tropical hardwoods like ipe are extremely hard: Good for the preservation of wood, but more complicated to work with! Therefore, all fixing and fastening should be pre drilled.

Deck fastening to the concrete footings along the framework and decking boards one should only make use of stainless steel screws.

All deck framework is of ipe wood where we require length and a upright design (due to the altitude).

deck lighting integratedfirst planktongue groove deck joint

In the wood decking, a LED lighting system can be integrated. Install the pipe before the planking to the desired outlet locations!

Start with your first plank working your way from the wall. Keep a 10 mm distance to the wall to move the decking plank.

Thanks to the end tongue and groove deck joint, the floorboards can be extended endlessly.

joints substructurefastening deckingcutouts

Among the joints no substructure is required.

Use a clamp when fastening the decking boards to the deck frame structure.

Around the door cutouts are required: Mark the angles and contours with pen on the decking ...


If you are not familiar with the terms and words used, please visit our deck glossary



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