ipe wood stock at the sawmill and diy

Ipe wood stock


Our ipe wood stock in general is rough sawn planks 26mm thick by 110 and 155mm. In decking we are then able to produce 90mm, 95mm, 140mm and 145mm. For several countries we also produce 120mm deck.


Delivery – In principle we deliver according incoterms 2000 delivery mode FOB (free on board).


Payment – New clients are required to pay by a Letter of Credit and in some cases by a T/T transfer with a backup Standby.


Discounts – Please check our discount page. In short discounts are mutual benefits such as:

·          Optimum capacity planning

·          Obtaining several plank-widths

·          Better planning of logging schedules

·          Stable number of (reliable) customers


Order quantity – Order quantity depends on the type of product and destination:


Decking 20’ container: 17m³ ± 10%

Decking ipe 40’ container: 21m³ ± 10%

Flooring 20’ container: 1000m² ± 10% 40’ container


Small order quantities – Small orders are possible only to Antwerp (Antwerpen). Amounts may vary starting from 1 single pallet of ipe decking. Mixed species/ products orders available. For more incentives please check our retail site or for ipe deck buyers in Belgium, north of France, Luxembourg, Austria or Germany send us an email. All sales are done thru Antwerpen and if you wish we are able to organize import duties, trucking up to your local warehouse or even directly to your customer. Here are some examples:







Your city


€ 1550

€ 1650

€ 1350

€ 1200



€ 2300

€ 2300

€ 2300

€ 2300


Unloading port etc*

€ 600

€ 600

€ 600

€ 600


Inland freight

€ 0





Your final price






you can also unload the container yourself, this will save you € 300.

click here for an apprehensive excel sheet with all the costs so you can calculate just any destination.


Product design – Most every country has its own type of decking, post, flooring etc., please indicate yours’ at our decking designs.

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