Ipe Tabebuia Brazilian Walnut hardwood technical Specification Data

Ipe Brazilian Walnut features such as origin ipe, durability, color, drawing, shrinkage, drying and moisture


In short features of ipe hardwood

    very stable and durable wood, mostly from Brazil;

    very fine grain;

    brown heartwood, often with light to dark stripes;

    yellowish sapwood;

    suitable for outdoor work such as construction, cladding, garden furniture, garden wood, stairs and terraces (around swimming pools); also suitable for various interior joinery such as parquet, plank, stairs and furniture;

    FAS (First and Second) Excellence: like free spins, heart and other defects.

Origin ipe Brazilian Walnut hardwood

Ipe is the commercial name for the botanical species of Tabebuia spp. It Belongs to the family of Bignoniaceae Tabebuia avellandedae, Tabebuia ipe and Tabebuia serratifolia and comes from the tropical forests of Central and South America. Worldwide, most Ipe comes from Brazil, other countries (Amazon countries) are Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Surinam, Panama.


common names in the market of ipe hardwood

Ipe, ipe tabaco, amapa, cortez, guayacan, lapacho, ebene vert, amata prieto, pau d'arco, bethabara, guayacan polvillo, flor amarillo, madera negra, ironwood, greenheart, tahuari, lapacho negro, Brazilian Walnut.


Tree features

The Ipe tree will average 30 to 40 meters high, with a trunk diameter of 60-90 cm. The branches free stem is erect, cylindrical, and between 8 and 40 meters long, and sometimes with carrot call.


Color and drawing

The heartwood is brown, sometimes greenish yellowish brown and has often light to dark striped areas. The sapwood is yellowish gray. The wood structure is fairly evenly, with a fine grain and pronounced without drawing. Ipe has a straight grain, sometimes interlocked.



The heartwood is very durable (natural durability class I). The sapwood is not durable (natural durability class V).


Drying and moisture

Ipe dries slowly with little risk of distortion. air dries rapidly with very slight checking or warping. Machining material generates a fine,


Weight of the ipe lumber varies between 60 and 75 pounds per cubic foot with a specific gravity of 1.08. In metric this is 1050 kg/ m


Seasoning ipe rough sawn wood

Ipe can be made very smooth If the wood has a crosshair, scrape it with a small cutting angle. Material can be difficult to work and difficult to saw. Hardness of material can cause a blunting effect to cutting edges. High quality carbide and diamond tipped blades are recommended as well as pre-drilling when surface fastening. When editing is toxic dust. Good dust extraction and drilling are designated because yellow dust that may cause breathing problems and dermatitis. Ipe is highly resistant to all insect and fungal attacks.



The finish of the wood surface is good. Ipe Lapacho contains a substance content (dark) turns red when it comes into contact with ammonia or alkaline products. In the longitudinal plane provides moreover yellow, sometimes slightly greenish stripes on.


Applications ipe lumber

          outside structures



          garden wood

          outside stairs


          diverse interior joinery such as parquet, floorboards and stairs


          decking and terraces (around swimming pools)

          turning and carving


Professional info ipe hardwood

Average density*


1050 kg / m

Radial shrinkage

60-30% rh **



90-60% rh **


Tangential shrinkage

60-30% rh **



90-60% rh **



60-30% rh **



90-60% rh **


Flexural Strength


178 N / mm

Modulus of elasticity

3 308 000 PSI

19 000 N / mm

Bending strength


26 000 PSI

Compressive strength (parallel to the fiber)


91 N / mm

Weight (CU.FT)


60-75 lbs

Shear strength


14.4 N / mm

Hardness (Janka) - Head

2 650 PSI

14400 N

Hardness (Janka) - Along


16700 N

In wood moisture content of 15 percent / ** relative air humidity


Commercial dimensions ipe hardwood





Fixed widths

80 * / 105/130/155/180/205 mm

155/180 mm

90/130/155/180/205 mm


185 cm and longer, average 250 cm and longer

305 cm and longer (15 to 20% 185 cm and longer)

185 cm and longer, average 250 cm and longer


IPE wood with a thickness of 40, 52 or 65 mm is also provided in falling widths of 15.5 cm and wider **, and with a length of 185 cm and longer (an average of 275 cm and longer).

IPE lumber with a thickness of 40 or 52 is also provided in widths of 20 cm and covered *** wider, and with a length of 185 cm and longer (an average of 275 cm and longer).

Exceptionally Ipe timber is also available in 155 x 155 mm, with a length of 305 cm and longer (15 to 20% 185 cm and longer).


* In lengths of 60 cm and longer

** 10 to 15% admitted from 10 to 14 cm

*** By 10 to 15% admitted from 10 to 22 cm

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