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Ipe decking

Tabebuia spp

Size 21 x 140mm

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€51.90 (incl VAT)

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Tigerwood decking

Astronium spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m˛:

€38.70 (incl VAT)

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The market of deck cleaning is circled by questions and doubts.

Stores like Lowe’s and  Home Depot supply to a mass market. The deck cleaners available at these suppliers  just contain an ingredient called "sodium hypochlorite" or wider known as household bleach. Using this household bleach, a problem arise when it contains sodium hypochlorite. If wood is frequently treated with this bleach, the wood will degrade. This is because the lignin within the wood brakes down and over time washes away. Additionally, bleaching with deck cleaner leave your wood deck with some ugly whitening to the deck wood’s surface. If you use a stain or pigmented sealer after your bleaching, it may result in a blotchy finish.


Doing the right thing means using a deck cleaner that contain "sodium percarbonate". This is a mild chemical and is the pioneer of sodium hydroxide. For example, if you look for "sodium percarbonate", then you better buy a product called OxyClean™. OxyClean by itself is not a perfect. It holds many byproducts and fillers. Furthermore we would like to mention that sodium percarbonate is effective in killing mold spores. The power of the oxygenating chemical is able to bring mold and dirt to the wood surface. At last percarbonate is a very good emulsifier of oil based deck stains. Read more on the different sodiums avaliable


Cleaning your deck yourself or by a contractor?

Why not do the deck cleaning myself? After all there is some many cleaning and deck renovating products on sale


When all the deck cleaning is done a wood professional will generally balance the pH of the deck with a brightener. A deck brightener is an acid product and while applying it returns  the wood natural pH balance. This process provides more importantly an hostile environment for the re growth of mold. Deck stain finishes will now be able to fixate better thru which it will last longer.


Hardydeck recommends to contract a cleaner specialized in wood cleaning and sealing. If you happen to own a pressure hose, it doesn't convert you overnight in a professional like a person with a table saw and a hammer calls himself a carpenter. The pressure hose and the pressure washer is nothing more then just one of the several tools of a deck cleaning company.


In general, each and every wood surface calls for a different types of techniques and cleaners.

Deck cleaning companies should be equipped with a variety of surface cleaners, orifice nozzles and above all a great deal of experience in deck cleaning without causing damage to your deck. Furthermore deck renovating and cleaning may call for the application of harmful corrosive chemicals and acids. A specialized company in cleaning exterior decks should be trained in OSHA safety techniques and carry a liability insurance. So we conclude that there is definitely a difference between the handyman with a pressure washer next door and a round the clock cleaning company.

how to clean your wood deck

how to clean your wood deck?

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renovating by cleaning, stripping or sanding your deck






















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