Tigerwood decking, Astronium, Angico, Curupay-ata, Muiracatiara, Cuta Tigre, tigerdeck

tigerdeck characteristics, common uses and acclimatization





Ipe decking

Tabebuia spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m˛:

€51.90 (incl VAT)

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Tigerwood decking

Astronium spp

Size 21 x 140mm

Price per m˛:

€38.70 (incl VAT)

why is it so cheap



Tigerwood also known as Cebil, Curupay-ata, Angico, Cambui-ferro, Astronium fraxinifolium, Muiracatiara, Astronium, Zebrawood, ZorrowoodCebil moro, Cuta Tigre, Bois de Zebre, Bossona, Goncalo Alves, Mura, Kingwood, Urunday-para and Guarapiraca, on the international market better known as tigerdeck and tigerwood.


Tigerwood is a hardwood with an amazing characteristics. Tigerwood comes from several different South American countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Peru.Tigerwood is a very fine wood which is rightfully to be called a hardwood due to its pounds-force 3630 Janka Hardness


Tigerwood hardwood characteristics

brown-red hues to deep brown defined by outstanding streaking, regularly following the grain patterns of the lumber. The grain is moderately figured and highly interlocked and Tigerwood has a fine to moderate texture.


Tigerwood hardwood is as hard as most hardwood lumber available, making it a superior option for exterior use. It is highly rot and insect resistant and is a true solution for the homeowner or designer. It’s very characteristic, and if designers or architects or are looking for a lumber that will “pop out,” this is a wood specie which is able to do the job, and is able to endure  the test of time.


Acclimatization Tiger hardwood

Our true recommendation always appropriately store and set away your hardwood timber! We can’t emphasize enough the importance of required patience after your order is being delivered. If your hardwood require additonal air drying, allow a half-inch or so amidst parallel planks stacked and spaced by level. This is all you need to do for an appropriate acclimatization of you r hardwood to assure yourself that the lumber is ready for installation in your climate! See here more on acclimating hardwood


Common Uses: outdoor decking but mainly indoor solid hardwood flooring, tool handles, chemical containers, docks, furniture, shiplap, turnings, ground contact, foundation pilings, vehicle parts, interior and exterior trim, wharf building and rain screen siding. This page offers you full technical specification data on tigerwood


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tigerwood deck stock

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dark stained indoor tigerwood flooring

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Tigerwood log


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