Garapa decking material compared to Ipe hardwood deck

Ipe vs garapa, pros and cons


Hardwood specie



Bending Strength

Modulus of elasticity

Modulus of Rupture



Very durable

30 plus years

62 69 lbs






Very durable

25 plus years

61 66 lbs






Very durable

25 plus years

59 62 lbs






Moderately durable

10 - 15 years

48 52 lbs





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Garapa Decking, also called Garapeira in Brasil and internationally also known as Brazilian Oak, Muirajuba, Apuleia Leiocarpa, Marotoa, Grapia, Amarealao and Muiratua. As a hardwood, Garapa decking resembles its physical properties to Ipe wood decking. Both ipe and garapa decking have each have a rich color variation and beautiful graining. Garapa and Ipe decking is a high density hardwood deck which are harder than whatever North American wood specie in regard to their hardness, bending strength, durability and density. The best quality Most ipe and Garapa hardwood are harvested primarily in Brazil besides other countries covered by the Amazon such as Bolivia, Peru, Colombia were there is one of the best tropical climates for trees to go tall and thick which in return are harvested and milled into high quality hardwood decking. Only after teak as a wood specie, Ipe is believed by most to be the conclusive best natural decking material existante. Garapa decking in return has numerous of Ipe's great qualities too.


Garapa decking comes from a rich honey brown colorto a pale yellow hues. Occasionally you are able to see this exotic variation in color within the same plank of Garapa decking material. The soft colors, finer graining, subtle striping and the high strength of Garapa decking have made Garapa known as Brazilian Ash. The color of Ipe decking varies from darker olive browns to lighter browns. Compared Ipe with Garapa you can say that Garapa enjoys less grain variation but garapa still demonstrates the rich exotic graining found in tropical hardwood decking species.


Besides the differences in graining variation and the color, Garapa decking and Ipe decking have a great deal in common. Ipe is substantially harder than Garapa wood, Garapa is almost 1.5 times harder than Oak. The extreme hardness of both Garapa and Ipe decking make both deckings a great option for a heavy duty, scratch resistant deck. If you have pets playing or active children on your deck, yo do not need to be afraid to decide for either Ipe or Garapa for your decking material. The durabilty and the high density of both Garapa and Ipe wood make each hardwood decking species very resistant to termites and rot. Besides, the high durability of both Ipe and Garapa decking ensure you that your high density hardwood deck will endure most beautifully, for many years to come.


Basically Garapa deckings are:


-         cheaper decks to install and buy compared to composite decking

-         Much more reliable than Bamboo or Redwood decks

-         Natural resistance to decay and mold with no chemicals needed

-         if you just periodicly clean your deck it is very easy maintain your deck.


Considering the price, Garapa decking are cheaper than Ipe decking.

Garapa is among the cheapest decking options on the market. If you look at how much a deck will end up costing you long-run, life cycle cost analyses have shown for both Ipe and Garapa decking that both are winners. With their very low lifetime costs, both Ipe and Garapa hardwood make these species the best value decking material options to opt from. Both Garapa and Ipe decking are sustainably harvested at Hardydeck SRL and so eco-friendly.


Garapa KD kiln dried

However, garapa is more unstable then ipe hardwood, so as an international hardwood supplier, Hardydeck SRL advises to dry garapa artificially (kiln dry), while ipe depending on the surrounding climate does not necessarily needs to be dried. Garapa needs to be dried, otherwise there exist a high risk of deformation such as cupping and warping. See also our comparison between ipe and cumaru. This risk of cupping and warping compared to ipe is much much higher. Last but not least, garapa is not as durable as ipe (see chart) Therefore, in principle, garapa is cheaper, however, due to treatment of drying and according handling, garapa is still cheaper then ipe, but looking at the natural qualities of ipe as such, we have no doubt in recommending ipe hardwood as the best hardwood for decking purposes.

antislip garapa deck

antislip garapa deck

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S4S E4E garapa deck


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