Tigerwood hardwood solid 4 sided tongue & grooved KD 6-8% flooring

Hardydeck SRL selling tigerwood flooring


Tigerwood as a hardwood

Tigerwood is a hardwood with an amazing characteristics. Tigerwood comes from several different South American countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia and  Argentine.Tigerwood is a very fine wood which is rightfully to be called a hardwood due to its pounds-force 3630 Janka Hardness. Due to its brown-red hues to deep brown defined by remarkable tiger streaking it’s very characteristic. Tigerwood has a fine to moderate texture and the grain is moderately figured and highly interlocked and. Read more on tigerwood and its characteristics.


In hardwood flooring, Hardydeck SRL sells according the following specifications:


Thick: Ύ”

Width: 2Ό”, 3”, 3Ό”, 4” and 5”

Length: 1’ – 7’


Tigerwood flooring pallet

Each pallet contains a number of mini bundles (shown on the photo below) and all mini-bundles have a mix of shorter and longer boards in each one with a relatively similar avg length mix. Each bundle has a similar mix throughout to provide for a consistent

Install/ look on the floor. This means that the installer does not need to open up various pallets to collect several different lengths, the installer can just open up one pallet and install bundle per bundle.


hardwood flooring package


Hardydeck SRL sells its hardwood flooring in standard 20’ containers, and each container has 10 pallets and each pallet contains aprox 1000 square feet (100m²). Furthermore, we are happy to offer you mixed containers, this is, mixed in widths of the same specie, or even several different species. Sometimes clients ask us to ship 50% decking and 50% flooring. Just send us your inquiry to info@hardydeck.com

tiger striped design flooring

typical tiger striped design

tigerwood hardwood flooring

tigerwood hardwood flooring

dark stained tigerwood flooring

dark stained tigerwood flooring


This page offers you full technical specification data on tigerwood


tigerwood flooring 5

containerload tigerwood flooring

One single width per each pallet

Two container loads of hardwood flooring wrapped and strapped, ready to be shipped


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