Tigerwood Deck installation project step 3 installing and fastening the decking boards

Steps in the tigerwood deck installation: 1) deck design 2) laying the planks 3) installing and fastening

installing the tiger wood decking boards using a face-fixed screw


Installing the decking boards: make sure align the boards as possible on your first row, the other decking boards follow the installation easier. Ensure a spacing of at least 5 mm between each decking board and a 1 or 2mm setting butt. Each holes for the screws are drilled with a drill bit of 4.5 mm. The screws are Pozidriv (PZ2) A2 stainless steel (A4 at best) with a diameter of 55 up to 60 mm length.


It is a very good idea to share the work: one that marks the places to drill and screw and the other makes the holes. With practice, in the fact making the markings is much faster than that pierces.


At the end of the day, we are able to evaluate the speed of installation: 32 min for 1.5 m2. If we stick to it, there should be 26x32 min = 853 min = 14h job for about 40 m2!


tigerwood decking boards fastening

tigerwood decking boards fastening

face view visible deck fastening screws

face view visible deck fastening screws

deck spacingdeck board space

allow a 5mm minimum spacing between the decking boards

laying deck tigerwoodface-fixing screw decking tiger woodinstalling tigerwood decking

Girders, joists and decking

face-fixing screw decking tiger wood

installing the tigerwood decking


The machinery is started, the pace is fast, the only downside is the sun beating down, we bake almost 50 Celsius in the sun! We improvised shadows and take meals on the go, the weather is announced for the weekend .... Well here there is no guide except the pickle salad. And it is very good.


Fatigue is felt, we arrive at the corner of the terrace which should be finished with the last few m2, the last decking boards are those that have been put aside (crooked, stained, cracked ...) short, clever cutting and "reassembly" manages to make the whole design. In the end, we cut the angle and the side with a circular saw and a mason rule in conducted following a line cord. A rectangle is left intentionally blank to put white pebbles and a cypress area.


angle cut deckfinish deckfinish tigerwood deck

We must act quickly, the day ends and its forecast rain tomorrow!


design structure girders poses ipe wood decking boards


August 2012, Hardydeck


Video how to build a deck step by step


fastening deck

tigerwood deck


Here, the finished work for a small terrace but it remains to sand a few brands, put a humidifier and regularly maintain knowing that sooner or later gray wood and a base will be necessary before ironing a saturator ....


I therefore wish good luck to those who will engage in this type of construction and I can congratulate professionals who are real artists to make giant terraces with patterns.


tigerwood decking boards

a fine finished tigerwood deck!


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Hardydeck installing the tiger wood decking boards using a face-fixed screw

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