Tigerwood Deck installation project step 2 laying the planks

Steps in the tigerwood deck installation: 1) deck design 2) laying the planks 3) installing and fastening

The basic installation of girders, the support posts and adjustments in the height of deck frame and its entire structure


The start is putting the decking planks on reinforced founders by laying down the wall first taking into account the thickness of the joists and the decking boards. We have also have stained all the wood (even if they are pressure treated) in 2 different layers. Is this really necessary? What I notice is that the said pressure treated wood is not really treated into to heart. Make sure that there is no "water trap" which will remain on the surface exposed to the weather.


Once the basis is laid, the rest will follow automatically. It may be noted that the thickness of the plaster is irregular so do not rely on plaster for proper dimensions! Size of the planks is: 145x 60x4000mm and the size of the joists is 60x70x4000mm

laying reinforced planks

laying reinforced planks

wood girders

Size of the planks are 145x 60x4000mm

adjusting height deck structure

adjusting the height of the deck structure

structure deck frame

structure the deck frame

tigerwood deck frame



filling concrete pads

water trap deck levelling master girder

Make sure that there is no "water trap" on the surface will remain exposed to the weather

Installing and fastening of the posts and footings. The posts have a diameter of from 180 to 200 (which are in fact recovery pipes) with a length of 50 to 60cm. The first hole is 25-30 cm deep and then you should adjust the height by pushing them into the ground (here, the soil is sand so it is deeper than if it were earth or rock course). We just put blocks in the vertical height of the concrete is in the pockets too. In short, all ideas are good, everything is good to adjust the height of your supports!

levelling deckframelevelling wood deck

Alignment using a line

aligning deckfirst girderlength decking installation

Check with a quick installation of the decking boards the spacing of 1m30 planks together, attaching the different decking boards assembling (according to the joist spacing) with screws such Easydrive, brackets and assembly plates and hooks. Note that the brackets are placed in the tube ready to receive the concrete.

levelled deckparafine applying deckgeotextile surface

filling concrete pads

paraffin helps tremendously

apply the geotextile film if needed

Filling blocks of concrete (cement mixed with normal quick-setting cement) and finish by screwing the rafters

To better penetrate the screws without splitting wood, paraffin helps tremendously. The screw is made with a screwdriver portable variable torque limitation + 2 batteries (38 in a DIY store).

And spend your ducts electrical and water pipes ...


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Hardydeck The basic installation of girders, the support posts and adjustments in the height of deck frame and its entire structure k

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