Tigerwood Deck installation project step 1 design

Steps in the tigerwood deck installation: 1) deck design 2) laying the planks 3) installing and fastening

the framing of the deck, how to structure and which materials to buy for your wooden deck


Installation of the tigerwood decking

This showcase will show you how to do it yourself illustrating efforts to be made to help you see more clearly how and what of deck installation.


After quite some research on the internet and talking with professionals I thought it would be necessary to make a summary dedicated to the design and implementation of a wooden tigerwood deck due to the people who are not experts in this type of installations. It is therefore necessary to understand that this is not "the" absolute guide but it only showing you the "type design". Also, because your deck is uniquely custom built!


Summary of the deck installation project:


-   total surface of the tigerwood decking 40m

-   Using girders of 4.93m x145x21mm in exotic tigerwood

-   Planks of 145x60x4000mm

-   joists of 60x70x4000mm

-   below the maximum budget of 2000 euros approximately.

-   2 people for the entire assembly and installation


The tigerwood deck framing


Before we begin, we must define roughly the size of the terrace and if it will be on a hard surface (old concrete patio or platform) or on stilts that can already get an idea of the budget: in this case, we have 40 m and on stilts. We must also consider the shape and type of installation you want in respect of the joists. In our case, it's a simple rectangle deck, consisting out of longitudinal stretches (length calculation based on the size of the joists). Resuming we are able to make an estimate of 2000 euros (taking an average of the different exotic woods such as tigerwood and prices for similar species!).


Designing the structure and the deck frame


Determine how to frame and structure the girders purchased (for us, 4m93 x 145 mm x 21 mm), what you use as joists (some say to keep the same specie as the girders others say to use a cheaper wood and yet others prefer to use pressured pine) for build this decking structure. In our case, I chose for pressured pine pine which I will outline the details later.


While designing your deck, also map where your cuts will be and try to map the connections between the decking boards. Allow about a 50cm gap between the underlying joists. In principle 40cm spacing between the joists is good but requires too many screws and 60cm may provoke the boards to start waving. Everything depends on the length of the blades too. Between the girders use a 1.3m span. The girders used for this decking are all about 2 meters.


Example: If the decking boards are 2.4meters long in tigerwood it is better to fix all these boards with a 40cm spacing (6x40 cm). In our case, 4.93 is the last 10x50cm slightly closer. When I divide it into two, I have 2465. That's why I put cuts 2465 ends with a decking board between. In consequence the joists are spaced 6-11-16 depending on the surface of the entire decking also.


materials to buy for your tigerwood deck installation

due to bulk packaging one must puzzle what and which quantity of the decking materials to buy. Doing some exact calculations on the materials needed will safe you lots of time and money of not needing to go up and down the hardware store because you will probably need to rent a truck carry your joists, decking boards, bags of cement, sand, etc. It is therefore better to be closer to reality to have the least possible surprises.


Also, take the time to think about the various things that you can fit under your deck: a water recovery tank, electricity sockets, bollard lights, hydrants etc..


Finally, note in bold letters the important points (spacing of joists cuts) that will be useful during the installation.

deck design

deck design

framing structure deck

determine how the framing and the structure of tigerwood deck

tigerwood deck design

tigerwood deck design

girders joists decking boards

the girders, joists and decking boards listed



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Hardydeck the structure of the deck, how handle framing of the deck and which materials to buy for your tigerwood deck

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